“Surrender” Lyrics by Elvis Presley

Surrender Lyrics by Elvis Presley

“Surrender” by Elvis Presley is a song about the love between a man and a woman. The woman is his love, and he wants her to love him back. They are young and in love and want to live their lives together. He sings “surrender” because he wants her to give up her ego and just be herself. The lyrics talk about the beauty of their love and how he wants to show her the world. In the end, the woman he is singing about gives up her ego to love him, and they live in happiness.

“Surrender” by Elvis Presley-Song Credentials

Song TitleSurrender
ArtistElvis Presley
GenrePop, Seasonal
Music LabelRCA Victor

“Surrender” by Elvis Presley Lyrics

When we kiss my heart’s on fire
Burning with a strange desire
And I know, each time I kiss you
That your heart’s on fire too

So, my darling, please surrender (surrender)
All your love so warm and tender (surrender)
Let me hold you in my arms, dear
While the moon shines bright above

All the stars will tell the story
Of our love and all its glory
Let us take this night of magic
And make it a night of love

Won’t you please surrender to me (surrender)
Your lips, your arms, your heart, dear (surrender)
Be mine forever
Be mine tonight

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