“Love Love Again” Lyrics by Smokey Robinson

Love Love Again” is a song by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles. It was released in 1966. The song tells the story of a first love that has gone wrong, and the protagonist is now trying to find love again. The song was composed by Smokey Robinson, who wanted to create a song about hope and about the hope that love will again be in the future. The lyrics are about not letting go of your love, even if it doesn’t work out.

“Love Love Again” by Smokey Robinson – Song Credentials

Song TitleLove Love Again
ArtistSmokey Robinson
Music LabelMotown Records

“Love Love Again” by Smokey Robinson Lyrics

Baby yeah-yeah

I want to love you
Teach me how
Just open your heart to me somehow
Somehow, right now, right now
Cause I want to show you
What a real love’s like
Whatever was wrong, I’ll make it right
I will, I will love you

And darlin’, don’t be afraid
Of the feelings you keep deep inside

Yes I will, yes I will
(Show you that we’ll never end) no never, never
Swear I can dry, every tear you cry
I’ll make you love love
Gonna love love, again

I’ll always want you
You know I will
And I’ll keep your heart, from standing still
I will, I will yes

And baby, I’ll make you see
You’re a woman who wants to be loved by me

I’ll make you love love again
(Show you that we’ll never) never, never end
(Swear I can dry) I swear (every tear) every tear you cry
I’ll make you love love

And all night, I’ll take it slow
Till we find the place that we both wanna go
And baby, I’ll never stop
Till you can feel this love, filling up your heart

(Show, show you that we’ll) I wanna show you
Show you, show you
(Swear I can dry) ooh (every tear) every tear you cry
(I’ll make you) I’ll make you love love, love again

love you, love you
Like you love me, love me
(You’re gonna love) you love it, you wanna
Love it, love it, love it
(I’ll make you love) love me, love me
(I’ll make you love) I’ll make you love love again, ooh yeah
(You’re gonna love love again)

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