“I’ll Be Loving You Again” Lyrics by Marvin Gaye Soon

I'll Be Loving You Again Lyrics by Marvin Gaye Soon

The song “I’ll Be Loving You Again” by Marvin Gaye is a song about love, hope, and how love can overcome everything. Marvin Gaye had been through a lot in his life and he knew that he would have to work to get his love back. He never gave up and he promised to love her again. With the song “I’ll Be Loving You Again,” Marvin Gaye was able to show his love for his wife and for her forgiveness.

“I’ll Be Loving You Again” by Marvin Gaye Soon – Song Credentials

Song TitleI’ll Be Loving You Again
ArtistMarvin Gaye
AlbumI Want You (Deluxe Edition)
Music LabelMotown 

“I’ll Be Loving You Again” by Marvin Gaye Soon Lyrics

Dreamed of you this morning
Then came the dawn and
I thought that you were here with me
If you could only see, how much I love you
You’d want to trust me

Oh, in my dream I was loving you
Every place that you wanted me to
Since I believe in dreams and fantasies and things
I’d like to make love to you right there baby
Ooh, I’ve got this real strong need to love you everywhere
I won’t stop until I find your passion flowing like wine
Baby, baby please let me do it to you

I never, did that before
But there’s always the first you know
So I made up my mind (C’mon baby)
Soon I’ll be loving you
That’s all, I’ve made up my mind
Soon I’ll be loving you
Girl, I know what I’m gonna do

I can’t wait to touch you
To give you that feelin’
Eat you up my dear
So that your mood will be revealed, baby
And soon as I know I’ve got you willin’, baby

I’m gonna give you some head baby
I’m gone knock you right up woman
I’m going to give you some head, sugar
I know what to do

I want to give you some head
Ah, you big fine woman
Woo, I love to give it, baby
Because I know just what to do, baby
Ah, I’m going to give the ultimate love, baby
The ultimate love, baby

Don’t you know I can handle you
Soon, soon, soon I’ll be loving you, oh Janis
Ah, hah! You’re so fine
Oh, how I love you, ah-ow!

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