“How” Lyrics by Daughter

“How” is the first single off Daughter’s second album, “Not To Disappear.” On the song, the singer addresses her father, and the abusive relationship he had with her mother. The song is about how she could not escape the cycle of abuse, but instead, she trapped herself in it. The lyrics are written in a very poetic manner, and Daughter has stated that she uses a lot of metaphors in the song.

How Lyrics by Daughter

“How” by Daughter-Song Credentials

Song TitleHow
AlbumNot to Disappear
Music Label4AD; ‎Glassnote

“How” by Daughter Lyrics

Moving on
Just moving in slow motion
To keep the pain to a minimal
Weightless, only wait for a fall

How long must I wait for you
Undone in the evening?
How long must I wait for you
To become what I need?

Holding on to souvenirs
His words inked from birthdays
Goodbye to our empty ruins
Yeah, that’s when I saw her
Hold me back
Hold me back
All I am
All I am

How long
Before the last dance
How come he’s the one
To let me down
How come they glow
Different in the evening
How come they stare
Distant into daylight
Like it’s alright
Like it’s alright

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