“Comes Love” Lyrics by Joni Mitchell

Comes Love Lyrics by Joni Mitchell

“Comes Love,” a song by Joni Mitchell, is about the coming of love. It is a beautiful song that captures the idea of love; the feeling of being in love and the longing for it. Mitchell is a beautiful singer, and her lyrics are full of emotion. If you are looking to capture the feeling of love, this song is a great choice.

“Comes Love” by Joni Mitchell-Song Credentials

Song TitleComes Love
ArtistJoni Mitchell
GenreR&B/Soul, Pop, Jazz
AlbumBoth Sides Now
Music LabelReprise Records

“Comes Love” by Joni Mitchell Lyrics

Comes a rain storm
Put your rubbers on your feet
Comes a snow storm
You can get a little heat
Comes love
Nothing can be done

Comes a fire
Firemen come and rescue me
Blow a tire
You can patch the inner tube
Comes love
Nothing can be done

Don’t try hidin’
’cause it isn’t any use
You’ll just start slidin’
When your heart turns on the juice

Comes a heat wave
You can hurry to the store
Come a summons
Hide yourself behind a door
Comes love
Nothing can be done

Comes a headache
You can lose it in a day
Comes a toothache
See your dentist right away
Comes love
Nothing can be done

Comes the measles
You can quarantine the room
Comes a mousie
You can chase it with a broom
Comes love
Nothing can be done

That’s all brother
If you’ve ever been in love
That’s all brother
And you know just what I’m speakin’ of

Comes a nightmare
You can always stay awake
Comes depression
You could get another break
Comes love
Nothing can be done
Nothing can be done

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