“Better Love” Lyrics by Luther Vandross

“Better Love” is a song by Luther Vandross and it is a beautiful love song and one of his best known tracks. It is a timeless love song that is both powerful and emotional. The song talks about a couple that has been together for a long time and how they are still in love. There is nothing that can tear them apart, and that is a beautiful thing.

“Better Love” by Luther Vandross – Song Credentials

Song TitleBetter Love
ArtistLuther Vandross
AlbumForever, for Always, for Love
Music LabelEpic Records

“Better Love” by Luther Vandross Lyrics

Lately I toss and turn at night
I hold my pillow very tight
Wake up to find the covers on the floor’
I can’t go on since you been gone
Sometimes I don’t know what I’m living for

See I don’t know what he told you ’bout the better life
His better cars and how he can treat you better
But none of that will keep you warm at night
He’ll give you more
But who could have a better love

Better love
A better love
A better, better love
Who could love you better

There is no reason
Honey, you should ever worry what I’m doing
While you’re gone I’m being true to you
My fire burns for your return
And I’ll just dream of you until you do

See I never could replace your love with anyone’s
I do believe it’s easier said than done
No matter whose promises you dream of
Go search the world
You couldn’t find a better love

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